Cherry Blossoms in Bloom Cloud Slime

Cherry Blossoms in Bloom Cloud Slime


We chose the yummy delicious Jelly Bean fragrance for this stretchy cloud slime; it is so fantastic!!! The design was inspired by the stunning Cherry trees that are in full bloom in our little community of Lake Oswego, OR. The center color in the slime is a rich deep rose pink, just like the blooms on the Cherry trees. To protect the clay and foam toppings during shipping the slime and toppings are packaged separately, ready for you to place.

Flowers and beads packaged separately - ready for you to add to the Cloud Slime.

Fragrance is: Jelly Bean

Slime is Stretchy and NOT STICKY.

Slime Care Card and Slime Activator Powder included with every order

*Cherry Blossoms in Bloom Cloud Slime Available in: 4 oz, 6 oz and 8 oz.